MMS & SMS Holiday Deliverability

The US telephone carriers use different networks for delivering SMS messages (text messages) and MMS messages (multimedia messages with photos or GIFs). While we have never seen the carriers have a major problem delivering SMS messages, on at least one occasion we have witnessed multiple carriers are having issues delivering MMS messages (via degraded quality or large amounts of duplicate MMS messages to end-users).


During the high-volume holiday season, this is certainly something to be mindful of. We've laid out a few points to consider when planning your holiday marketing strategy through MMS/SMS.


  • Our strong recommendation is to use SMS instead of MMS for the holiday season and potentially through most of November + December.
  • High-volume of messages being sent across carriers can cause one of two issues here: Delays in delivering over several hours or duplicate messages being sent.
  • This is a carrier issue, not something that Postscript can influence or control.

There is some good news:

Here is the red banner at the top of the app that you will see when our system has detected that the carriers are having problems delivering MMS:

And here is the orange banner at the top of the app that you will see when we have recently seen carrier MMS problems and suspect that it may occur again in the near future:


You have the ability in your Account settings to choose whether you would like to pause scheduled campaigns with MMS messages instead of sending them as SMS messages. We HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT select this option if you use time-sensitive campaigns, as SMS messages perform just as well as MMS messages in most cases.


Please reach out to us in chat if you have any concerns or questions involving your holiday SMS strategy!

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