Subscriber Collection in Shopify Checkout is Unavailable

At Postscript, our top priority is the deliverability of your messages and ensuring your store’s compliance with SMS marketing regulations. We work directly with telco industry leaders to stay updated on SMS guidelines and policies in order to make it as easy as possible for you to remain compliant and best serve your customers.


In alignment with CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) guidelines, effective immediately Postscript will no longer collect new subscribers in the Shopify checkout page to ensure that your store stays CTIA complaint. This is due to the limited language customization that Shopify allows on checkout for non-Plus merchants.


This update affects all SMS marketing platforms, not just Postscript. Collecting subscribers in the Shopify checkout page puts you at serious risk of service interruption, so we’re taking swift action to protect you and support your growth.


If you were using Shopify checkout collection, we are asking that you take the following action:

  • Please update your checkout to remove the opt-in language you added when first installing Postscript by or before 12/31/20. Instructions can be found here.

Here’s the good news…

  • Keyword and Popup subscribers have a 75% higher conversion rate and a 40% higher LTV compared to checkout subscribers
  • Keyword and Popup subscribers have 30-40% higher CTRs & EPMs.
  • Checkout subscribers account for only around 10% of subscribers for Postscript’s top-performing brands
  • Checkout subscribers have the highest unsubscribe rates
  • You can continue to collect subscribers compliantly using other checkout pages that integrate with Postscript. This includes: Carthook, Recharge, and custom checkouts using our Subscriber API.

What that means is that this update will not have a material impact on your SMS program and your subscriber list. In fact, by focusing on other opt-in channels to capture subscribers, you will see higher revenue and lower unsubscribes. The same applies for any method by which you collect phone numbers at the top of your marketing funnel like with popups, landing pages, and opt-in keywords.


In addition, the Postscript product team is also working on novel, compliant methods for subscriber collection to help you grow your subscriber lists quickly.


We take compliance seriously and will always act quickly in scenarios like these. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply and speak with our team.


FAQs about this change

Can I keep my existing subscribers previously collected from checkout?

Yes, you keep the subscribers that you have already collected from checkout.


Will this affect my Abandoned Cart automations?

No, your Abandoned Cart SMS messages will continue to send to subscribers as usual.


Checkout collection is allowed on other SMS platforms / we're willing to take the risk. Can we still use checkout collection?

While other SMS platforms may continue to allow checkout collection for non-Shopify Plus merchants, it is still against CTIA guidelines and could result in 100% of your messages not getting delivered. We believe that removing checkout collection is the right choice to continue ensuring your store's compliance with SMS marketing regulations.


How do I remove the SMS opt-in language from my checkout?

Follow the instructions in this article.


How do I bring back the email collection box on my checkout?

To revert back to a pre-checked email subscription box on your checkout page, you need to go to Settings in your Shopify account > Checkout and scroll down to the Email Marketing section. Check the boxes for "Show sign-up option at checkout" and "Preselect the sign-up option".

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