As we're rolling out dedicated phone numbers to our shops (both shortcodes and toll-free), we're also beginning to roll out the ability to send your customer's contact cards!


Currently, anyone who has their own dedicated shortcode or toll-free number should have access to use our Contact Cards. If you don't have a dedicated number yet, you will! As soon as you're assigned one, you'll also have access to the Contact Cards. *Shops with 50 or less customers will not have access to the Contact Card feature.


How to Set Up Your Contact Cards

On your account page, choose the Contact Card option in the top right corner. Then click Create Contact Card.


Fill out the information that is requested on the Contact Card editing page:


Logo: On most phones, this logo will show up next to your name in the saved contact!

Contact Name: The name you want to show up on your subscriber's phone when you text them. This should be your shop name.

Shop URL: Your Shopify URL will automatically be added to this field, but you can change it to your standard shop URL beginning in https://www.

Contact Email: In this field, you want to add the email address that you'd like for your subscribers to use with their support questions. This shouldn't be your CEOs/marketing manager/etc email!

Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, and Country: These fields are optional. These most likely wouldn't be ideal for online-only shops, but if you have a brick-and-mortar, you can input that address here!

Notes: On Android and iOS, there is an option to save a contact with notes. By adding notes to this section, you'll add notes to the contact your subscriber saves for your shop. You can definitely make this super branded!


Click Save Changes - and now you're ready to share your Contact Card!


How do we send our Contact Cards?

Your contact cards can be sent in keywords, automations, and campaigns.


Once you build your messaging, use the More dropdown menu to add your newly created Contact Card to your text.

From there, you can see your Contact Card showing in the Preview Box.

Send your text and add your Contact Card to any other text you'd like!


Please note that Contact Cards can only be sent to the US and Canada. Each Contact Card will cost the same as an MMS text - costing 3 credits per send.


What Does it Look Like?

Once your subscriber receives your Contact Card text, they can click on the Contact Card, which will open their contact app on their phone. From there, all they have to press is SAVE.



Once your contact has been saved, your shop name will display where the phone number used to display each time that you text that subscriber.


When they view the contact info, they'll see the following:

And that's it! Contact Cards are a great way to introduce your new dedication number to your subscribers. Please contact your Dedicated Postscript Contact, or visit us in chat if you have any questions!

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