Toll-free Number Migration

With recent changes to shared short code regulations, many brands have chosen to migrate to a dedicated toll-free number. If you're one of them, here's what you should know to make the migration process as seamless as possible.


What you should know about migrating to a toll-free number:

  • Postscript is migrating customers in batches, starting on April 1st. You will be notified over email 2-3 days before your migration date. You can also reach out to us to request to be migrated early.
  • All of your Campaigns, Automations, and Keywords will continue to work as normal. The only difference is that your subscribers will start receiving messages from your new number.
  • Your subscriber list is not affected. Everyone on your list will continue to be subscribed to SMS messages from your brand.
  • If someone opts-in or replies using your old number after April 1st, they will receive the subscription confirmation and responses from your new number.

What actions you should take:

  • Be prepared to communicate this change to your team and update any of your marketing collateral with your new number.
  • You are not required to notify your subscribers about a change in your phone number, but it's a good practice to do so. We wrote a help article about how to alert your subscribers to your new phone number with some example messages that you can use.
  • Encourage subscribers to save your Contact Card in their phones. This way your name and logo will be displayed in their messages instead of just your phone number. Here's how to setup and send Contact Cards.
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