Compliance Risks of Simultaneously Sending From Two Phone Numbers

Sending text messages to subscribers from two or more phone numbers comes with several compliance risks. In this article, we discuss why a brand may consider sending from two separate phone numbers, the compliance risks, and the impact on customer experience when sending from more than one phone number.

Why You May Consider Sending from Two Numbers

  • It's only temporary while you transition. While you are switching SMS providers, you may consider sending your subscribers messages from your old and new designated phone numbers.
  • You are using two separate SMS providers due to feature offerings or limitations. You may be tempted to use two SMS providers if one has an integration or feature you favor.
  • You are employing separate SMS platforms for transactional SMS and marketing SMS. Since transactional subscribers are not always promotional subscribers and vice versa, you may be using two platforms for each type of subscriber.

Compliance Risk of Sending from More than One Number

Maintaining a clear unsubscribe list

If a subscriber requests to opt out of your promotional messaging but responds STOP to the transactional messaging thread, they will not be opted out of your promotional messaging since these messages are being sent from two separate numbers.

Similarly, if you are running two SMS programs from two separate platforms due to a feature offering or limitation and a subscriber opts out of one program/number, they will NOT be opted out of the other. 

Both of these pose compliance risks. Your brand would be required to manually unsubscribe any subscribers who request to opt out of your SMS program across all phone numbers. 

User experience

The user experience of receiving messages from multiple numbers/threads in parallel can be disruptive and cause a lapse in trust between your brand and your subscribers.

As a brand sharing an inbox with your subscribers' closest contacts, your SMS program and messaging should be courteous and build trust between subscribers and your brand.

Potential spam complaints

iOS 16 makes it easier than ever to report junk via SMS. If your brand is sending multiple messages from multiple numbers, subscribers may be more inclined to report an unsaved number as spam or junk.

Your brand may see an increase in spam complaints to carriers which can result in your toll-free number being suspended or messages being filtered by carriers.

   Note: If your brand has a designated short code (DSC), carriers will attempt to send your messages first from your DSC. If your message fails, carriers will automatically attempt to send your message from your backup toll-free number. Similarly, carriers will send your messages to international recipients from your international toll-free number. Your toll-free number, DSC, and international toll-free number can be found on your keywords page.

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