Starting soon, shared shortcodes will no longer be supported by the carriers and all brands will be required to use a dedicated phone number for SMS marketing. Read more about this change here.

The CTIA has updated regulations around messaging when a brand transitions to a new phone number for their SMS marketing program. This regulation requires specific messaging as the last message on their old phone number and the first message on their new number. See below for more information.

Tips for planning the alert

1. Depending on the cadence with which you are already communicating with customers (this could be daily, weekly, monthly, or less), you’ll want to appropriately plan for when you will be switching over to a new number. Have this message match the cadence of your existing communications.

2. Decide whether or not you want to include this announcement as part of a regularly-scheduled campaign, or as a single send. This decision can be based on whether or not you have any other news to share, like a promotion, offer, or new product launch.

3. Last but not least… make it match your brand voice. Be playful, include emojis or GIFs. Make it your own!

Example messages

You may want to send a final message from one number, and then a new message from your new number. For example:

Text from old number

“Heads up! This is the last message you’ll get from us on this number. Look out for us hitting you up our new number in the future.”

“Hey, {first_name}! We’re switching up our number and wanted to let you know. Keep an eye out for new messages coming from our brand new personal number.”

Text from new number

“Hey, {first_name}. Same {shop_name}, different number. Make sure to add us to your contacts. As always, text STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help.”

“Hi! {shop_name} coming to ya from a different number. Don’t forget about our 10% off sale ending Friday. Click here to shop: {shop_link} Text HELP for help or STOP to stop texts”

You can now also include a Contact Card when you send from your new dedicated phone number! Find out how here.

Here is a good example of a new campaign sent from 4Patriots.


Postscript is here to help you navigate this change as we all work towards a SMS experience that benefits both subscribers and brands. If you have any questions or want us to help you set up these communications, please give us a shout at or click on the chat icon on the bottom right of this page!

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