After integrating with Klaviyo & setting up the popup/form to collect the number for Postscript, you can set up a Welcome Series to fire once they subscribe.

When a user fills out the form and replies Y to subscribe to your Klaviyo list, that should sync over to Postscript. Just be sure you've set up your forms.

Next, you'll create a Welcome Series that will generally trigger within minutes of subscribing.

Click on the Automations tab to the left of the page & Create Automation.

Name your Automation (we suggest Klaviyo Welcome Series or reference the list-name that you're sending this welcome series to - in this example, we're sending a Welcome Series to those who fill out the form named 2De4Rk). You can find your form ID in the URL on the form editing page within Klaviyo.

The Automation Trigger should be set to Subscriber Created (Popup, Keyword, or API).

The Cancellation Trigger should be set to Checkout Started. (To ensure that the subscriber is taken out of this automation if they begin to place an order - therefore putting them in Abandoned Cart series or Order Created series)

To ensure that this Welcome Series fires for only those who have filled out a specific form/popup, you'll want to add a User Filter. When a user provides their phone number to subscribe via a Klaviyo form, there is an automatic subscriber tag created. Therefore, set the User Filter to Subscriber Tags includes FORMID (2De4Rk for example).

Your Klaviyo Welcome Series should look like this:

After saving these settings, you can edit your texts as you desire. Remember, this is a Welcome Series, so it's the perfect time to introduce your subscribers to your brand. If they filled out a form for a contest, be sure to reference that. We recommend setting the delay to be at least 2 minutes!

Now you can easily welcome all of your Klaviyo subscribers to your SMS list! Be sure to reach out to us in chat if you have any additional questions!

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