Some key features of our Desktop Pop include:

  • Extended customization options
  • Custom CSS Editor
  • Live Preview

Popup User Experience

When the user inputs their phone number and clicks the subscribe button, they will immediately receive a confirmation text. This text prompts to user to Reply Y to subscribe. (They must reply Y in order to subscribe to your shop.)

Once they reply Y, they'll receive the Welcome Message that you create on the popup editing screen! Replying Y will officially subscribe that user!

Editing Your Popup

First, you'll want to navigate to the Popups tab on your Postscript Dashboard.

From here, you'll want to click Edit on the Desktop popup option.

Countries: Select the countries you'd like for the popup to show to

Popup Type: Modal Window (partial screen) or Fullscreen

Popup Delay: How long you'd like the user to wait until the popup displays

Close Action: Bubble or Exit - When the user closes the full-size popup, do you want the popup to be a small bubble in the corner of the screen, or do you want the popup to exit out completely?

Close Action Text: If you choose Bubble for the Close Action, what would you like the Bubble to say?

Include/Exclude Pages: Simply include words from a specific URL and the popup will fire or not fire on pages and URLs that contain the same character strings. Be sure to list them with commas and no spaces between them.

Note: You can view any changes you make in the preview screen on the right-hand side. Toggle between Popup & Close Action to see what each will look like to the user.


Logo Image: Upload an image of your brand's logo that will appear at the top of your popup

Background Style: Color or Image. Here you can choose a basic color background or upload an image to use as the background of your popup

Background Color: If you choose to go with a color, you can utilize an HTML color code grabber (we use this site) to choose a branded color from an image. Insert the code here - or simply choose a default color!

Font: Choose from the list of available fonts to use for your popup

Style: Square or Rounded. Here you can choose whether you'd like for your popup to be a basic square, or if you'd like to round out the edges. If you choose Round, a new option will appear for you to determine the degree of rounding you'd like to have

Corner Roundness: If you chose Rounded for your Style, you can choose the degree to which you'd like the corners rounded to

Primary Text Color: Choose from our default colors, or add in an HTML code for a custom color. This will edit all of the large text at the top of the popup

Disclaimer Text Color: Choose from our default colors, or add in an HTML code for a custom color. This will edit all of the small disclaimer text at the bottom of the popup

Button Color: Choose your color or HTML code to change the color of the opt-in button

Button Text Color: Choose your color or HTML code to change the color of the opt-in button text


Pre-headline (optional): This is the top line of text in your popup

Headline: This is the large text in your popup

Post-heading (optional): The line of text below your headline

Button Text: Enter the text you'd like for your opt-in button

Close Button Text: This is the text that will close the popup for the user


This is the text that the user will receive after activating the popup and replying Y to the confirmation text! This is a good time to welcome them to your shop. If you offered a discount in your popup, remember to include that coupon in this text!

You can add a GIF/image (remember that adding an image/GIF to this will be 3 credits per send for US/CAN customers.) Keep your media files around 500kb for optimal sending.

Use the More Dropdown to add your coupon, shop links, user's name (if we have it), Discount Links to use Shopify coupons if you prefer, and more!

Edit the text of the message to your liking - and send yourself a test to make sure the links are good & the text looks the way you'd like for it to look.

Click Save in the top right corner if you're happy with how your popup looks! To make your popup live, simply toggle the switch to Enabled!

Additional Customization Available

There are some additional editing options available if you're familiar with CSS. To start, click on the Edit CSS option in the top right corner.

Once you have entered your code, you can Overwrite to make those changes and view them in your Preview Screen!

Desktop Popup Functionality within the App

Subscribers that are collected from the Desktop popup will be included in your Welcome Series automation if the trigger filter is Subscriber Created (Popup, Keyword, or API).

Desktop Popup subscribers can be filtered in Segments using the Subscriber Opt-In Source filter by selecting Desktop Popup.

And there you have it! Start collecting subscribers for Postscript using our simple, yet effective Desktop Popup!

As always, reach out to us in chat if you have any additional questions for our team.

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