We totally understand that some shops need a large number of keywords for different purposes. Maybe you have a ton of influencers - maybe you attend a large number of events. Whatever the reason, we've given you the ability to use more than 20 keywords!

If you try to add your 21st keyword, you'll receive a notification to contact support. We'll get the feature turned on for you and add your Keyword Prefix. (In most cases, this will be your shop ID) 

This is how your Keyword page will look now: 

Now you can create additional keywords! 

When you click "Create Keyword", you will be prompted to type in your desired new keyword. 

Note the prefix is there for you to see as well. 

If you choose the keyword WELCOME and your shop's ID is 1234, your new keyword will be 1234WELCOME. 

You can also now add a DASH after the prefix, before the keyword! 1234-WELCOME for example. 

If you decide you need to use a keyword without a prefix, simply delete your keywords down to 19 again and you are free to add a standard keyword without a prefix. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in chat!

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