Facebook Messenger is making updates to their platform to improve the user experience for everyday people - protecting against spam & abuse. This may not make an impact for some shops, but for many others, you may need to adjust to the changes. 

These changes will be in effect on January 15, 2020, but it's suggested to begin making changes now to be prepped for the release date. 

Businesses will be allowed to message subscribers within 24-horus of a subscriber's last interaction with that business page - know as the 24-hour window. 

Promotional content is still allowed within that window. 

One of the biggest changes is that messages sent outside of the window must be tagged with one of four message tags: Confirmed Event Update, Post-Purchase Update, Account Update, or Human Agent. 

Important: For Facebook marketers, you need to review your flows and apply the appropriate message tags to the messages that are to be sent outside the 24-hour window. *If you do not apply a message tag, these messages WILL NOT be delivered as of January 15, 2020. 

For messages that do not fit into any of the message tag criteria, you'll want to begin using SMS or email. 

Start gathering phone numbers and email addresses immediately to maximize your SMS reach - and to ensure that you have access to your audience after these changes come into affect. 

Please reach out to us in chat to get started on ways to connect with your Facebook subscribers so we can quickly get them converted to SMS so you can continue having strong conversions. 

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