QRCodes are a quick and efficient way to invite customers to opt-in to receive SMS marketing from your Shopify store. These can be placed on websites, packaging, receipts, in emails, and more. 

To create the QRCode, go into the Grow List tab on the left of your Postscript page. Click on Create QRCode

Select the Keyword that will be triggered when the subscriber scans the QRCode.

Next, you'll want to create the text that will be pre-filled into the user's phone to send to your shortcode. Be sure that the keyword that is attached it included in the text with a SPACE before and after it to be recognized. 

Click Generate QRCode!

You can download the QRCode in a SVG File to use in print, online, or wherever you please! 

Wherever you place the QRCode, your customer will scan it with the camera on their phone or their QRCode app - whichever they typically use: 

This will automatically open their texting app on their phone and prefill the mobile opt-in message. All the user will need to do is hit send! 

They will then receive the reply that is associated with the KEYWORD that is attached to the QRCode immediately after sending it. 

Be sure that the Keyword reply matches what you are offering with the QRCode! 

There you have it! An easy, modern way to collect subscribers - that you can put ANYWHERE!

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