At Postscript, revenue is calculated using a 1-day view and 7-day click attribution model. 

Keyword Revenue = Revenue attributed to keyword replies. (i.e. pop-up coupon messages)

Postscript Coupon Revenue = people that used the coupon on desktop.

Automation Revenue = Revenue attributed to automation messages such as Abandoned Cart or Loyalty Flow. 

Campaign Revenue = Revenue attributed to campaign messages.

The Subscriber Export (or Revenue Export or Unsubscribe Report) is a CSV that you can download. With regard to the revenue, there is no overlap in the revenue sources. 

Ex: someone receives their opt-in coupon > goes to the site > starts checkout and bounces > gets Abandoned Cart text > comes back to convert = Abandoned Cart Automation revenue (and would not fall into Keyword revenue even though that is where it originated)

Some shops choose to UTM tag the links that they use in their texts - which can sometimes allow a better analytical view of where the revenue is coming from. That's always an option if that's what you prefer!

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