So you're ready to start collecting subscribers on mobile? Let's get started!

UPDATE 11.6.2019: Popups can now be included or excluded on specific pages using our new popup targeting feature:

Simply include words from a specific URL and the popup will fire or not fire on pages and urls that contain the same character strings. Be sure to list them with commas and no spaces between them. 

Keywords & your pop-up

The first thing you'll want to do is navigate to your Popup tab on your Postscript homepage. From here, you'll see that your pop-up is connected to a Keyword

The Keyword that you choose for your pop-up will determine what message is sent to your customer after they click on the "Get 10% Off" button and opt-in.
If your pop-up is offering 10% off, be sure that you're keyword is sending a 10% off coupon! In this example, the keyword is 4001SAVE10

To ensure that the reply they receive has the correct language, navigate to the KEYWORD tab on the left the of the page. Then click on the keyword that you are associating your pop-up with.

On this page, you'll see the Reply your customer will receive after they activate the pop-up. The purple Reply box can be clicked and edited as needed. Be sure the coupon you add in this reply matches what you're offering in your pop-up.

If you want more information on how to edit and use KEYWORDS, check out this article.

Editing your pop-up

Now that you have your Keyword edited the way you'd like, go back to your Popup tab on the left of the page. Click EDIT on the top right of the pop-up screen. 

1.) Choose the Keyword you edited from the dropdown menu

2.) Decide whether or not you'd like a Logo Image. This can be .png or .jpg format. This isn't required, but depending on your brand, it might be a good customization! 

The logo will only appear in the middle of the top of the pop-up. There is no additional customization at this time. 

3.) Choose Partial or Full pop-up size. Again, this is at your discretion! Obviously a full-size pop-up is more eye-catching, but a partial pop-up might be exactly what your customer base wants. (A full-size pop-up also tends to have better conversion rates.)

When you choose Full, you get several additional options for customization - so for the remainder of this how-to, we'll use the full-size option to help you understand all that you can do with your pop-up. 

4.) You have a few options for your Backgound color/photo! If you choose to go with a color, you can utilize a HTML color code grabber (we use this site) to choose a branded color from an image. Insert the code here - or simply choose a default color!

You can also choose an image to upload. (500kb or less) When choosing a photo, remember to stay on brand! 

5.) Depending on the background that you chose, you may decide to change the Button Background Color as well as the Button Text Color and Text Color.  The default colors work well with a plain color background, but they are editable! 

Those colors can be chosen from the default options or by entering the HTML color code as mentioned above. 

6.) The Pre-Populated Text Message is the text that will automatically be fed into the customers SMS app on their phone that they will then send to your store to opt-in. 

When your customer hits the "Get 10% Off Coupon" button, their texting app will automatically open on their phone. This text will be ready to send - and all they'll need to do is press send to opt-in! You can edit this as you wish, just be sure to include your store name and the Keyword that you created for this pop-up!

7.) The Pop-up Delay is exactly what it sounds like. How long do you want your customer to be on your homepage before the pop-up shows? 

Suggested delay is 3 seconds. The longer the delay, the lower the conversion will be. 

8.) You have the option to edit the Close Action as well. When a customer closes out the pop-up, you can choose either Bubble or Exit

Exit will make the pop-up disappear completely for the customer. 

Bubble will minimize the pop-up to a very small version in the bottom left corner in case the customer changes their mind! 

You can also edit the Bubble Text

9.) There are several text options that you can edit. Our default is pictured, but you can change that to the verbiage that is in-line with your brand.

Headline Text is what will appear the largest on your Pop-up. Be sure the amount you're discounting is the same as the Keyword Reply you created earlier! 

Pre-Headline Text is only available in the full-size pop-up. This is the beginning of your call to action and goes ABOVE the Headline Text. 

Post-Headline Text is only available for the full-size pop-up. It's the ending of your call to action and goes BELOW the Headline Text. 

Subscribe Button Text is the text that goes within the button that you customized earlier. This needs to be clear & direct. THIS is how your customer gets their discount!

Close Button Text is what will close the full-size pop-up for the customer.

10.) You can also filter which countries you would like to show the pop-up to by choosing from the dropdown menu on the Countries option. 

It is important to note that the pop-up is optimized for US phone because of SMS deliverability. 

11.) After double-checking your pop-up, you can now Enable it by toggling the switch at the top of the screen. You've done it! 

Go to your shop's URL on your phone and see how it looks. Need to make an edit? Just go back to your Postscript account and make any changes you need at any time! 

This is how your customer will experience your pop-up.

Additional Information

  • If you are interested in creating pop-ups or forms for desktop, look into our new Desktop Popup, Klaviyo, OptiMonk, Privy, or JustUno integrations! 
  • This pop-up will show on phones and tablets up to 480px wide. 
  • Postscript's pop-up is cookie-enabled and only shows up once per user. If someone is not seeing the pop-up, it's most likely because they've viewed it before! If you are testing, go into incognito mode on your phone to see the pop-up once again. 

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us using the chatbox on the bottom right.

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