So you've integrated Klaviyo with your Postscript account and you want to add a phone number field to your pre-existing Klaviyo popups. 

Why is this beneficial to you?

First, adding a field to collect phone numbers through Klaviyo popups is going to be the best way to grow your list on desktops! (Checkout being the other most popular way to collect on desktop.)

Second, this is the most effective way for you to collect both emails and phone numbers in one spot.

Create your Klaviyo form with a text input phone field:

First, you will create your Sign Up Form in Klaviyo and add an optional phone field to the form. Here's an example of an effective and compliant form!

Now let's connect this new form to Postscript!

How to set up your Klaviyo Popup to collect phone numbers:

From your Postscript Integrations tab, you'll choose the Klaviyo Integration.

When you first enable the integration, Postscript will ask for your Klaviyo API Key (found in Klaviyo) to connect your accounts.

Next, you'll find all of the lists that can be integrated from Klaviyo into Postscript. Click on the Add First Form button to add a form to your Klaviyo integration.

You'll be prompted to enter the Form ID there as well.

This Form ID can be found in the URL of the form that you're currently working on within Klaviyo:

How to find the Form ID:

From this Klaviyo popup, any phone number that is entered will automatically be synced to your Postscript list and used for any Automation or Campaigns that you have active!

These can be used for Klaviyo popups that you use on mobile devices as well.

Remember, it's extremely important to include TCPA compliant language on your form. As always, we make compliance easy.

If you want to brush up on our compliance best practices for your store, you can check out this help section.

After you have completed setup for your form, test it! Enter your phone number in the form, and you should receive the double-opt-in text asking you to Reply Y to subscribe. Keep in mind that the user WILL NOT BE SUBSCRIBED INTO POSTSCRIPT if they do not reply Y to that text. (Learn more about the customer journey when opting-in via a Klaviyo form here.)

You can also set up a Welcome Series for your Klaviyo subscribers!

If you have additional questions regarding our integration with Klaviyo & what options you have in Postscript, you can always find us in the chat at the bottom right!

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