Introduction to the ReCharge features

With the Postscript ReCharge integration, not only can you collect phone numbers compliantly from customers using the ReCharge checkout (read more about that here), but you can now filter and trigger messages based on subscription attributes.

Below we'll highlight what these features are, where to find them, and some of the easy wins that can help convert and retain subscription customers. The "Reply to Buy" feature is not covered in this article.

3 Ideas (almost) everyone using ReCharge can incorporate:

AUTOMATION 1: Upsell one time purchasers to get them on a Subscription

First, let's look at the automation properties page to see how we would set this up.

  1. We recommend only sending most upsell attempting automations only once per subscriber, but this is a preference. Some stores word their messages in a way that it makes sense for people to see this automation multiple times.
  2. Kick off the automation when an order is created, but...
  3. Cancel the automation for a customer if a ReCharge subscription begins at any point. 
  4. Filter users to only send these texts to customers that are not currently active ReCharge at the time of the trigger.

Optional: Add other filters like "Number of Orders" or "Purchased Product Names" and create variations of this automation to better personalize your messages.

On the next page, delay the message for as long as you think someone needs to experience your product to be encouraged to "subscribe and save" with a coupon. Typically stores will create 3 messages with different offers or angles.

AUTOMATION 2: Update Card on File Notification

This one is more obvious, but extremely important considering the open rates of text and needing to alert the customer here. Below is a screenshot for how this automation properties page would look.

  1. We recommend leaving the Once Per Subscriber toggled off for this.
  2. Kick off the automation when the charge is failed, but…
  3. Cancel the automation for a customer when the subscription renews.
  4. User filters are not necessary but can provide more personalized messages when using filters like how long someone has been a customer or what products they are subscribed to.

Note: If you plan to only send one text in this automation, then you really don’t need a cancellation trigger.

Optional: In your messages, encourage them to text back if they have any questions or concerns. All of these can be found in your Responses tab and can be the reason you keep the customer!

Here you will want a short delay on this, and possibly two messages to treat this customer almost like they are in an abandoned cart automation.

AUTOMATION 3: Customer Winback Subscription

When you downloaded Postscript, your account came with a standard Winback series that you could personalize and turn on. That's because when used correctly, it's one of our the most profitable automations any store can utilize to retain customers. This is even more important with your recurring revenue of course, and with the ReCharge triggers we can offer new products, free shipping, or attempt.

Here's what the automation properties page would look like:

  1. This is a recommended "only send once" automation.
  2. Kick off the automation when a customer is Deactivated so you know they do not have any active subscriptions, but...
  3. Cancel the messages from sending if the customer activates again with at least 1 subscription.
  4. User filters are not necessary but can be used to create more personalized texts.

Similar to the standard winback, you should have multiple messages that offer a new flavor or option of your product when you can. Coupons can be effective, as well as other "VIP" gestures you can make to keep someone.

Oftentimes, sending a text that simply asks for feedback so you can receive replies in your Responses section can help you resolve issues that caused them to cancel their subscription in a very easy communication channel for the customer. Many customers are just looking to skip or haven't used the recent order enough to need another and can be right-sized by you or your team.

BONUS AUTOMATION 4: Customer Education Series

When your business revolves around customers on a subscription, you want to make sure they are using your product regularly so they don't feel the need to cancel. An easy automation we have seen work is triggering after a new subscription is created (cancel if the subscription is canceled) and send weekly content with brand stories and creative use cases.

Content that works well on social media, How To's and best practices, your About Us page, charities, or a look inside your company can be exactly what your customers want to see that will keep reminding them to use your product.

If you sell a food product, an example here might be recipes that encourage continuing the subscription. As always, the better the content the better this works, and you can sprinkle in coupons for upselling!

This can also be done for one-time product purchases to get someone on a subscription!

Let us know how you're using the ReCharge integration and be sure to start a chat if you have any questions about Postscript!

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