What best practices do you recommend?

 (AKA how do I make the most money without annoying customers?)

A well-crafted message can make a huge difference in the revenue earned from a campaign or automation. We’ve put together a guide on the different aspects of composing a Postscript message so that you can get the most out of each one.

  • SMS is totally different from email, but with the right strategy, you can leverage your SMS and your email marketing to yield even higher results. Just remember that SMS is more personal - the open rates have proven that!
  • Give context – use tags to personalize messages and introduce the store in the first message of series so users know who you are.
  • Collect phone numbers during customer checkout.
  • At a minimum turn on and customize the following automations – abandoned cart, welcome series, and customer winback/Loyalty.
  • Keep the texts brief, and don't feel like you have to include a photo/GIF in every message. Marketing messages should include images/gifs, coupons (if relevant), calls to action and a link/URL.

Do you really guarantee ROI?

Yes! We guarantee 4x ROI for your initial month on any paid plan. The only condition is that you follow best practices for that month, meaning you enable the subscriber popup, turn on automations, and send (at least) a weekly campaign.

How can I track results?

Postscript tracks the number of texts you send, the number of clicks on each text link, and the revenue generated from the texts that you send. This can be broken down by each campaign and automation across timeframes of your choosing.

These results are all viewable in the Analytics tab on your Postscript dashboard.

How do I grow my list of sendable customers?

Postscript has many ways of collecting TCPA compliant phone numbers to send marketing messages to! From the Postscript pop-up, 3rd party integrations, to collecting at checkout, there are many ways to grow your list! Take a deeper look in this article.

I have a list of customer phone numbers outside of Shopify. How do I upload them to Postscript?

If you have a subscriber list that you'd like to upload to your account, please fill out this form.

Postscript is serious about TCPA compliance. Damages for non-compliant text messages can be $500 per message, so it is imperative that you ensure that your subscribers have been collected compliantly. To learn more about TCPA compliance, you can read our Compliance Guide at https://www.postscript.io/compliance-introduction/

How do I stay compliant with SMS and privacy laws?

In building Postscript our team took many steps to ensure you remain fully compliant. To achieve this, Postscript only considers customers who have opted into marketing communication to be sendable users. This way, anyone who has not opted in to marketing communication in your store will not receive texts from Postscript. Here are a few more steps you can take:

  • Don't text any customers who haven't given you explicit written consent
  • Use our option to add ‘Reply STOP to Stop’ at the end of your first message to customers to remind them that they can opt out at any time
  • Our waking hours restrict messages from flowing between 6pm and 8am PT, but stay aware of your send time when scheduling campaigns
  • Refrain from sending each customer more than one message per day (using the ‘Safe Send’ feature will ensure customers receive no more than one message in a 16 hour span)

How do customers unsubscribe?

Customers can unsubscribe at any time, by replying ‘stop’ (or many other words/phrases) to any message. Postscript will automatically unsubscribe them from future messaging.

How do I contact support?

We’re always here to help. Contact us through chat by clicking on the blue button in the bottom right corner of your screen at any time. We’re also available by email at support@postscript.io.

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