A well-crafted message can make a huge difference in the revenue earned from a campaign or automation.  We’ve put together a guide on the different aspects of composing a Postscript message so that you can get the most out of each one.

As a general rule, the best-performing messages include:

  • A (1) link, which we will automatically shorten for you (using our Tiny.ps service) to save space and track analytics like clicks and purchases
  • (2) Media, in the form of an image or animated GIF
  • One or more (3) tags to personalize the message

The (4) message strength meter indicates to what level you have utilized the above features in your message and followed our suggested best practices.

The below screenshot shows where each of these features can be seen when building a message:

Please review the other articles in this section to learn more about each feature.  

For step-by-step instructions, visit our build Campaign or Automation articles.

Try to keep your messages short and sweet. We recommend that you keep your messages under 200 characters to avoid overwhelming the recipient with a large block of text.

Write a message similarly to how you would write a text message to a group of friends- it should feel casual and conversational, not spammy.

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